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About Julie

Executive Consultant & Researcher

For 15+ years, I've developed unique research skills that have set me apart from other consultants.


While I have access to and am proficient with various databases, I take my research a step further. I look for anomalies in the data and then become extremely curious until I catch onto a strong insight. My clients love me because I'm their persistent, private investigator. 


I enjoy reaching out to inspiring industry experts and letting them know they can trust me with their valuable time. My goal is to have the interviewee say aloud, "That's a good question. I've never thought of that before." What usually follows next is an insight that reframes my client's challenge.


I'm a storyteller. I can tell a short story or I can consolidate hundreds of hours of research, interviews and data into an easy-to-follow report for my clients.

Work Experience

Work Experience

2011 - Today

Independent Consultant
Healthcare & Tech Industries

Packaged Goods

2005 - 2011

Account Management

VP Account Director

FCB Chicago



University of Notre Dame

As an English major, I took master's level writing courses and stood in for Pulitzer Prize winner, Edward Albee, at Notre Dame's Sophomore Literary Festival.  

Contact Me

Contact Me

Chicago, IL USA

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